‘Peace of Mind’

Earlier this year I was invited to take up a new role in a company based abroad.
Whilst familiar with most requirements of the job and with a significant amount of experience in man management ( line management / mentor etc.) I felt comfortable with the role. There was however an element of counselling involved for which I have less formal experience. I was also aware of the growing cases of mental health throughout the work place and as such was keen to learn more on the subject.
Despite very limited time to learn, I still desired a course that could not only provide me with a comprehensive overview of the subject but with a detailed insight into various aspects of mental health from a first aiders point of view.
Enter ‘Lean On Me Training Limited’
The two day training course was delivered on-line and supported by an excellent Course book and Work book with valuable pre-course reading and feedback exercises set for each candidate.
There were eight candidates on the course which provided an excellent number for break out sessions and contributions throughout each day.
Orchestrating events was a qualified mental health instructor who not only was clearly familiar with every aspect of the course he was delivering, but whose manner of approach, timing and inclusion was exceptional throughout the two days.
More poignant perhaps was his willingness at times to share his personal experiences relating to sensitive subjects covered on the course, which served to really provide me and my fellow students with an emotional first hand verbal account of some some of the delicate issues encountered in addition to excellent supporting videos and written articles provided in the programme.
This course is not for the feint hearted and understandably, at times the content hits home hard.
However, as an insightful introduction and first aid companion to anyone involved, concerned or interested in the subject of Mental Health, I would highly recommend it.

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